Sakura Zero S (Sob Encomenda)

Sakura Zero S (Sob Encomenda)

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Sakura Zero S (Sob Encomenda)

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Sakura Zero is popular among drivers with positive feedback, it also gains reputation by winning champions worldwide. 3Racing is now going to release an entry level 1/10 on road car kit- Sakura Zero S for elementary drivers as an introduction of competition car with highly affordable price. Sakura Zero S keep utilizing the chassis design of Sakura Zero and select the plastic with best quality as its material, which has proven by thousands tests on tracks that the performance and durability are far more than satisfactory.

The parts of Sakura Zero S and Sakura Zero are interchangeable. As the new car kit is not included assembly, drivers need to construct the chassis themselves, apart from the joy and satisfaction gained from the process, drivers can feasibly upgrade the parts to Sakura Zero.

Sakura Zero S features 2.5mm FRP chassis and 2.00mm FRP long-cutting upper deck, 3.0mm front and rear FRP Shock Tower, pink anodized aluminum motor mount, 2 belt drive system, front and rear gear differentials, full ball bearings, front universal shaft and rear dog bone, steel turn buckles, plastic quick change differential cover, Li-po and Sub-C battery holder with battery strap, plastic fixed suspension mount, oil damper, tires and rims.

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