Sakura Ultimate 1/10 Touring Car (Sob Encomenda)

Sakura Ultimate 1/10 Touring Car (Sob Encomenda)

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Sakura Ultimate 1/10 Touring Car (Sob Encomenda)

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3RACING Sakura Ultimate 1/10 Touring Car

Sakura Ultimate

Replacing the successful Sakura XI and XI DH, comes the all new Sakura Ultimate featuring all that we've learned in the past 2 years resulting in a completely redesigned race platform which to the untrained eye may seem similar to the previous Sakura while it is anything but.

Our focus has been on improvements in the production process, material engineering, reduction in maintenance time and frequencies, suspension geometry, flex symmetry and weight distribution.

Sakura Ultimate will redefine the meaning of performance in an affordable package.

Floating Servo Mount

All new machined 7075 Alum Floating servo mount ensures symmetric side to side chassis flex and minimizes any risk of chassis tweak.

Factory Racing Products Gear Differential

All new ultra smooth Factory Racing Products Gear Differential featuring redesigned production molds for all components, all new materials, hard coated alum outer joints.

All new Front End Components

All new steering crank featuring a smoother initial steering response.

Front Anti Roll bar joints are now tweak adjustable.

Front upper camber link features our unique fine tune adjustment just like the Sakura XI.

Anti Roll Bar Joints

Rear Anti Roll Bar joints features tweak adjustable ball ends.

Composite Front Spool

Composite Front Spool with replacable Joint Cups.

Titanium Turnbuckles all round.

Front Suspension

Redesigned suspension components and new materials.

SSK Front Driveshafts now standard for maximum on power front wheel traction when used with a spool.

Factory Racing Products Dampers

New Factory Racing Products Dampers featuring 7075 Alum Threaded Shock Body, Hard and PTFE Coated for maximum durability and smoothness.

Hex Shaped Spring Preload Adjustment Nut for easier handling.

Out Board Toe Rear Hubs

New rear uprights/hubs with outboard Toe-In something we found to be superior in adaptability under most conditions.

Center Front Body Support

Standard on the Sakura Ultimate, the Center Front Body Support ensures those lightweight bodies will hold shape at high speeds maximizing its aerodynamic properties.

Anti Roll Bar Mounts

New front and rear Anti Roll Bar Mounts features a positioning system preventing unwanted roll bar shifings and maintains consistency throughout each run.

Motor Mount and Fan Mount

New Low CG 7075 Alum Motor Mount featuring a center mounted front leg to ensure symmetric side to side chassis flex.

New Chassis Integrated fan mount for 30 and 40mm cooling fans.

Imported Bando Belts front and rear.

Front Belt Stabilizer

Adjustable upper chassis mounted front belt stabilizer ensures smoothest belt operation and eliminates belt skipping under heavy braking.

Composite Adjustable Battery Mounts with Velcro Battery Straps

New Composite Adjustable Battery Mounts with Precision Positioning System from the Sakura Ultimate, simply adjust battery position by adding or removing spacers on 4 positioning points to ensure perfect chassis side to side balance each time.

Velcro Battery Strap eliminates the use of Fiber Tape.

Ultra Fit Composite Servo Horn

New servo horn built with a more rigid material ensures accurate steering input and eliminates any unwanted slop.

Photos and descriptions depicts pre-production prototype, final production kit may feature minor updates and improvements.

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